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Master your Self-Discovery using Reiki

Heighten Your Senses With My Reiki
Treatments and Classes 

Mari Hall, Jikiden Reiki Shihan says: “Reiki is sometimes used for general wellness as well as for specific issues. Reiki works by assisting to reduce stress, which in turn may create an environment within your body where healing may more easily be facilitated.

In my practice I have had great results with clients in working with problems related to excess tension build up and chronic pain. In addition to working with pain and tension problems, Reiki may be effective with people who suffer from chronic headaches, insomnia, and problems of fatigue."

Reiki for People of All Ages

Jikiden Practitioners have learned to sense levels of toxins (byosen) present in the body and to use Reiki intensively to promote detoxification. These in-person sessions may last anywhere from 60 – 90 minutes and are generally concentrated on the head and affected areas.

Minor sicknesses, such as coughs and colds, will generally move through the body much faster than usual. Injuries tend to heal faster and with fewer complications, postoperative recovery may be greatly enhanced.

Treatment of more serious or long-term conditions is possible. The number and frequency of sessions is determined through consultation with the practitioner.

Reiki Equine and Animal Treatment

I have had the pleasure of working with many animals using Reiki. When I was living in the Czech Republic, I was often asked to work on the animals at the Northern Bohemia Regional Zoo.

In many other countries I worked with horses, cows, and sheep, not to mention cats and dogs. Animals are very receptive to Reiki. Pets will generally warm up to a Reiki practitioner more quickly than they would with other strangers. Yet Reiki cannot be forced onto a pet.

If an animal is uncomfortable with the treatment or simply doesn’t want it, he or she will let the practitioner know it, usually by walking away. Because Reiki is accepted by animals, it is a great complement to traditional veterinary medicine. For this reason, I have had many veterinarians in my Reiki classes.

Through Reiki work done to your horse and/or your other animals, we open a channel to reveal:

  • How deeply your horse and animals can reflect your state of being.
  • How your mental and emotional well-being can show up in your horse and animals.

Each session offers:

  • Physical and behavioral healing for your horse and/or animals.
  • Profound insight, enabling awareness and healing for you.

Interested in taking my Reiki courses or having a treatment? Go ahead and schedule a consultation today!

My Treatment and Course Fees: Get Value for Your Money!

Reiki offers promising results to healing that are truly worth the investment. I offer a variety of services to cater to your needs and budget. You may schedule a consultation with me via personal meeting in my office, phone, or Zoom consultation.

My Reiki Treatment Rates

Phone consultation Rates 

$ 50.00 for a Half Hour

$ 100.00 for One Hour

Receive Reiki by Long Distance (Absentee)

Initial consultation and distance Reiki: $120.00

Additional distance Reiki Treatments: $75.00

Reiki for People of all Ages

$120.00 for initial consultation and treatment and then $120.00 for each treatment afterwards

If there is a chronic illness or problem then each additional treatment is $95.00 per visit.

Reiki for Horses and other Animals

Reiki for Horses

  • Initial consultation with owner and/ or person where the horse is boarded. Includes first Reiki treatment: $120.00
  • The course of treatments will be decided in the first consultation. If the owner is the only rider, I will ask to treat both the rider and the horse separately providing the issue for the horse is not an injury.

Reiki for Animals

  • Initial consultation with owner and/or person where animal lives. Includes first Reiki treatment: $120.00
  • The course of treatments will be decided in the initial consultation. I will ask to treat both the owner and the animal separately or, in the case of a young animal, together if the animal’s issue is not an injury.

More Specific Services for Horses

  • Rider Reiki treatments pertaining to problems with the horse: $100.00
  • Horse treatment per visit no matter the problem: $75.00
  • If several horses need to be treated in one barn, I will determine a discounted price at our initial consultation.

More Specific Services for Other Animals

  • Owner Reiki treatments pertaining to problems with the animal: $100.00
  • Animal treatment per visit no matter the problem: $75.00
  • If several animals need to be treated in one home, I will determine a discounted price at our initial consultation.

Spiritual Numerology

Full Single Reading

$95.00. Add $50.00 extra for each person you wish to add to the reading.

A mini-reading (Available by Zoom only, lasting 30 minutes: $50.00; for 1 person only)

Fees for Jikiden Reiki Courses

Shoden – $350.00

Okuden – $450.00

Shoden and Okuden – $750.00

Reserve your place with a $150.00 ($250 for both) non-refundable, non-transferable deposit. Balance must be paid 30 days prior to class unless prior arrangements have been made with Mari.

Terms and Condition for all Services and Courses

Deposits must be paid through Paypal or Venmo. All payments must be received by one month before the course, unless prior arrangements have been made with Mari. Deposits are non-refundable.

Jikiden Reiki “Reviewers” are offered as if the space is available. 1st-reserved after 1st-time attendees.

To reserve your place, pay your deposit to Mari Hall through PayPal,  Venmo or Zelle.

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