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The Wonder of Reiki

2020 a New Year and Decade

I have been giving a lot of thought about what the New Year and decade will bring to us. Certainly, opportunity abounds in every moment. It is always a matter of choice for us all. However, I am wondering what is the future for Reiki in our world and the future for us in Reiki?

For the past several years the message I was given was to come back into the center of Reiki. I know that Usui is in the center as well as love. In the center is also the simplicity of the system and of us. It is my mind’s point of view this center point is the place through which we enter into the great beyond, past the veil of illusion into something greater than the sum of us. It is the way into and out of all there is. As the award winning author janeAnne Narrin says it is “One degree beyond the apparent. “

In this past year I have been brought more into relationship with oneness and how we must reconnect again. Some people question if it is really necessary to reconnect? Throughout time we have been developing our egos, creating ourselves separate, (Edging God Out). We are fractured from the whole. We have separation from our families, state, countries, and aspects of ourselves. We have defended this truth of separateness at all costs and under many names. We have prejudices that keep us apart from people with other colors, philosophical views, religion and sexual preference. We take pride in the judgment we have made about people’s size, age and education. This has caused untold bitterness and anger. Wars are still being fought on our planet resulting in the destruction of cities, and their people. We have seen the effects of genocide in countries so close to us. And yet I feel we are somewhat numbed by the violence of it all. Before we would only need to hear of a person being harmed to be upset. Now we sit in movies or watch television, in the first five minutes alone a hundred people could have been killed, and things destroyed before our eyes. We may even say that it wasn’t very exciting, because there was not enough action.

What will it take to wake us up to stop killing and harming each other? What will it take to turn the tide from destruction to creation and peace? I certainly hope that it will not be something so catastrophic to shake us awake. We do not have to wait for the giant wake up call. We can take responsibility and start working together for resolution and peace. We can turn the tide.

One of the reasons I chose to do this work was I realized that Reiki has this peace-making potential. When we are peaceful inside we will not need to make war on others. We will be standing in the center together and creating from that space.

It is therefore my dream that within our Reiki communities, in all the various streams of Reiki we can return to this counterpoint. By coming back into the center where love is we can rejoin Usui in a common vision of love. When we take the time to move back into harmony in our Reiki community together, we can create unlimited potential. Think for just a moment. All Reiki people united in a common cause. Our differences are acknowledged we are respected, and together we celebrate the sameness, which is love. The possibility would be apparent for a sound loving community so that an outreach and healing would take place on a global level with a single intent from a united community. The power of united hearts is unlimited. Another aspect of my dream for Reiki is that Reiki is in every household and is a natural method to reduce stress and its effects. To reach out and touch another person is the most natural loving response we would have. The vision only naturally includes Reiki in schools, hospitals, doctor’s offices and retirement homes.

We have been on the way to creating this now. There are many studies and research projects going on. The results of projects like these will clearly serve as the bridge for Reiki to be more accepted in the medical community. Many teachers are using Reiki and I am delighted to say many children as well.

What I think will need to happen is that we take more responsibility for the message we personally give about Reiki. In order for it to be widely accepted it must be grounded and heart centered. People will understand Reiki and it’s potential by being a witness to the way we personally "Walk the walk and Talk the talk.“ We must as Usui has said, “Live Reiki.“ Many Reiki Masters and practitioners have realized this and are being more accountable. In our need to make it different we have wrapped Reiki up with various layers of “things “that can be intimidating to the average person. In our need to have a better system we somehow have made it more complicated and mysterious. This can be a threat to some people. In the center of the system is the love that is the truest power of all. It is what empowers the individual back into harmony.

One of the beautiful things that has happened for many of us over the past few years is being privileged to integrate some of Usui’s teachings through Arjava Petter’s research. It has given me the opportunity to come closer to the center of this system I love so much. This also has made me more determined to work with the greater community of Reiki to establish standards for the teaching and practice of Reiki. We need to show the world we are willing to be accountable for how we teach and work in this field. Yes, it is a spiritual system and there those of us who say we cannot standardize something that people have spiritual freedom to use. But I ask you this if you wanted someone to join your church or organization wouldn’t you want them to feel safe with in their walls? Wouldn’t you want to know the people there have high moral and ethical values? That they have come inside the system and have integrated it?

I am optimistic about the future of Reiki and us as practitioners and teachers of Reiki. I feel that many of us are starting to see that we must work together if we want to create a firm foundation for Reiki in our world. I see us circling the globe in love. We are brothers and sisters celebrating the sameness of the heart in whatever language we speak.

I wish all this and more for you today.

Love, Mari

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